Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maldives marks environment day with Abdul Rahman Green

Maldives has gone green to mark this year's Environment Day by inviting Islamic preacher from UK Abdul Rahman Green. The religious NGO Jamiyathul Salaf has organised an event "The Call: Liv Islam" in which Green is lecturing at the Carnival area of Male. Thousands of Maldivians are gathering each evening to listen to the preacher.

"We decided to go green because everybody is going green now. It is the new fad. President Nasheed is going green too with the carbon neutrality project," said Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohamed bin Ibrahim, the founder of Jamiyathul Salaf.

"Going green means we can get more sponsors for the event. It is easier for us to sell banners to companies that take an interest in green business. Companies are cautious when talking to us because of Rehendhi. So we had to find a fool-proof strategy," explained Sobah bin Che, the General Secretary of Jamiyathul Salaf.

To mark the environment day, the religious NGO is launching two new energy saving bulbs in the Maldives. The bulbs will be available in limited stores in Male such as Sonee Hardware.

"We are launching this product on environment day to help Maldivians to reduce their spending on energy. There are still several families unable to pay electricity bills despite the government's subsidy. It is also our prayer that our brothers and sisters find the light instead of walking in darkness," said Sobah bin Che.

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